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What do I do ?

Professionally my cup of tea (well, more like coffee in my case) is electronics. I'm an engineer, developing hardware and software. The old days are over (aren't they always), but I still refuse to give up areas of interest. So my work includes electronic schematics, PCB layouts, programming PLDs and FPGAs, microcontrolers, DSPs and PCs. Since 1998 the main focus is industrial image processing for automation and quality control. That includes illumination, lenses, cameras and software.

Apart from working my own projects I'm busy developing a Bulgarian/German software company which we founded in 1998. At atto-Systems we develop image processing software for PCs and intelligent cameras from Vision Components (VIMOS) and costumized software for PCs and PDAs. For more information please have a look at the websites of atto-Systems and VIMOS. Just click on the icons.


Joerg Beutel

email : Joerg.Beutel@t-online.de

phone : 07668/996521

fax : 07668/996523

Bachenstr. 48A, D-79241 Ihringen / Germany

  VAT#: DE183563683

Just found : Results from some software I wrote around 1995 ...

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